Understanding Posterior Tibialis Tendon Dysfunction | Shin pain

The shin is one of the more major weight-bearing structures of the leg, and any injuries it gets are definitely going to put a damper on your day. The shin bone, anatomically known as the tibia, is located at the front of the lower leg. You pretty much need it to do everything with your legs, from running, jumping, to even just walking. 

Shin splints, a kind of shin pain, can occur on either side of the tibia and feel like a sharp, razor-like sensation that arises both during and after exercise. Also known as the tibial stress syndrome, the involved structures can be the tibialis posterior muscle, tibial anterior muscle or both.

The two areas affected by shin pain from posterior tibial tendon dysfunction.| Family Podiatry Centre | Best Foot Doctor Podiatrist DPM Clinic Singapore Malaysia
Diagram by Dr Peggy Malone

What causes Shin Pain?

There are a few causes of shin pain from posterior tibial tendon dysfunction, including:

  • Overuse and repetitive stress
    • Athletes are especially vulnerable to this, especially weightlifters
  • Inappropriae or worn-out footwear
  • Sudden overexertion
  • Flat feet
  • High arched feet

Best Shin Pain Treatment

The most important thing to do for shin pain is simply to rest – athletes and dancers are particularly prone to leg injuries not only because of how much they do, but also how little they tend to give themselves breaks. Prevention is better than cure, so listen to your body and rest when you can.

The treatment for shin pain will vary according to the severity of the injury, ranging from rest and anti-inflammatory medicines or ice to even surgery, if a rupture has occurred. If you have chronic shin pain, we recommend booking a consultation with us to see if you may have suffered from a worse injury to your shins than you think. 

Written by Kardem Kiter
Written by Kardem Kiter

Based in Singapore, Degree in Podiatric Medicine from the University of Johannesburg. Published in The Foot and member of The Golden Key Honour Society.

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