Understanding Dry Skin

Dry skin, or anhidrosis, refers to skin that is thin, brittle or flaky. On the foot, some more serious cases may see some parts of the skin on the foot thickening and even cracking, causing heel fissures. Dry skin may also cause the foot to be more vulnerable to corns and calluses, which can be painful. 

The terms ‘dry skin’ and ‘callus’ are sometimes used interchangeably. However, they are different conditions, and caused by different factors. 

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What causes Dry Skin?

Dry skin may occur anywhere on the feet, legs or hands. It may be caused by an underlying condition, such as: 

  • Poor circulation
  • Diabetes
  • Fungal infections
  • Nutritional deficiency

In light of this, it’s important to nail down the root cause of your skin problems. 

Best Treatment for Dry Skin

The treatment for dry skin will vary depending on its root cause. As they tend to be caused by underlying conditions, early diagnosis is important. Book a consultation with us today to find out more.

Written by Mark B. Reyneker
Written by Mark B. Reyneker

Based in Singapore, 20 years of clinical experience. Practiced in South Africa, Malaysia, and Singapore. Pioneered CAD/CAM custom-made orthotics in S.E Asia.

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