Understanding Cracked Heels | Heel Fissures

Dry cracked heels, or heel fissures, are closely related to dry skin (anhidrosis). They occur when dry, hard skin breaks open, causing painful cracks that may even bleed. Cracks appear at areas of high pressure, most commonly the heel. 

Cracked heels can potentially lead to serious infections. | Family Podiatry Centre | Best Foot Doctor Podiatrist DPM Clinic Singapore Malaysia

What causes Cracked Heels?

  • Allergic reactions to products such as exfoliating socks
  • Diabetes
  • Fungal infections
  • Poor circulation
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Skin problems which cause dry skin

Best Treatment for Cracked Heels

If left untreated, the fissures may run deeper into the skin or even become infected. This is especially dangerous for diabetics and those with compromised immune systems.

  • Keep cracked heels clean and dry so further infections don’t occur.
  • Try not to move too much, to avoid agitating the wound
  • Depending on the root cause of the dry skin, more measures might have to be taken as well to address them.
    • e.g a fungal infection would require you to apply anti-fungal medicine to the area.

We’re here to help. If you think that your heel problem is getting out of hand, book a consultation with us today and we can figure out what we can do for you together.

Written by Mark B. Reyneker
Written by Mark B. Reyneker

Based in Singapore, 20 years of clinical experience. Practiced in South Africa, Malaysia, and Singapore. Pioneered CAD/CAM custom-made orthotics in S.E Asia.

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