Zion Williamson's Nikes Take A Nasty Split

Zion Williamson was wearing Nike PG 2.5 sneakers when one tore apart during a game between Duke and North Carolina recently leading to an injury.

How is this possible?

A large amount of emphasis is put on shoe weight and softness nowadays. The lighter the shoe the better the expected performance. There is a lot more involved in choosing a shoe than checking how soft and how light it is regardless of the sport you are playing.

Body weight and overall frame size, foot width and girth and playing style are all factors to consider. What works for a slim 5’10” male with narrow feet is not necessarily suitable for a 95 kg, 6’2″ male with a wide foot. Most individuals do not take this into consideration.

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How can you prevent this from happening?

Nowadays, sports shoes have a lifespan of nine months to one year. However, if you are a very aggressive sports person and your shoe is used almost daily that lifespan can be cut down to 3 to 6 months. Looking at the outer sole is not the right way to look for wear and tear. Looking for creases and signs of compression in the midsole is how you detect sports shoe wear and tear.

If you are heavyweight reconsider selecting the latest show in a particular category. Instead, go for a more robust design. Make sure that the length and the width of the shoe is fitted correctly taking into consideration for the expansion during sport. While there are a lot more factors to consider, these are the main ones to prevent the issue from splitting or exploding during sport.

Written by Mark B. Reyneker
Written by Mark B. Reyneker

Podiatrist 20 years of clinical experience. Practiced in South Africa, Malaysia, and Singapore. Pioneered CAD/CAM custom made orthotics in S.E Asia.

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